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Wrist Reporter

TM patent pending

Even the act of storing the current reading in memory can be performed without reaching a hand to the keypad.  The Thumbswitch accessory is worn on a finger where a slight thumb motion causes the current reading to be stored in the Wrist Reporter.

TM patent pending

The Wrist Reporter is worn on the wrist where it is easy to see a continuous stream of real-time measurements in large numerals on a backlit display.  The rechargeable battery has a 20-hour life.  Stored readings are time-stamped and may be uploaded to a PC via a USB cable.  The WR-301 can also datalog up to 20,000 measurements from as many as 10 wireless sensors at user-selected intervals.


Four readings from different sensors are displayed simultaneously


Current plus three prior readings


Current plus average, max, min of Data Set


Time and Date Stamp

Several display modes keep the user in command and  fully informed.


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The Ultimate TAB Toolkit

Wrist Reporter (WR)
WR-101	Basic instrument. No memory. For sharing readings with remote team members.	                       $499.00
WR-201	One memory group. Stores 500 readings. Thumbswitch included. Statistics. Timestamping.        $999.00
WR-301	500 Memory Groups. Stores 20,000 readings. Thumbswitch included. Statistics.		           $1,499.00
                   Timestamping. 4-way Split Screen.			       
WR-401	WR-301 plus audio port for walkie-talkie to other team members				                $1,450

Wrist Reporter Accessories
WR-TS-1	Replacement Thumbswitch for wireless, hands-free storing of readings. 1”x1” x 0.8”                    $199.00
WR-RE-1	Range Extender. RF signal repeater for extending the wireless range. 1”x1” x 1”                          $199.00Wrist_Reporter_files/Pricing%20and%20Data_Aug_2016.pdfWrist_Reporter_files/DATASHEET__Sheets_1-8.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0
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