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MISSION and METHODS: Adjustments that are Faster, Easier, Safer.

Evergreen Telemetry is dedicated to doubling the productivity of industrial technicians in HVAC, TAB, building commissioning, building automation, process control, weather monitoring, and other applications.  These challenging work environments demand faster, smaller, and more convenient tools.

Evergreen Telemetry is dedicated to giving field technicians the great tools that they need for complex tasks.  Tools that eliminate wires and tubes.  Tools that reduce weight and time.  Tools that make measurements faster, easier, safer, and more accurate.  This is accomplished by employing leading edge technologies in sensors, batteries, RF network management, and embedded control electronics.

The goal of doubling technician productivity can be accomplished by getting the needed data where they can see it and act on it.  It should be faster and easier to commission buildings and improve energy efficiency.  Too much time is wasted in back-and-forth measurements and repetitive adjustments.  With our products, a tech deploys sensors, finds the problem, makes the correction while viewing the real-time results, retrieves the sensors, and moves on.  

In other words, do it right the first time.


Evergreen Telemetry's Founder


Pete Secor

Pete Secor founded Evergreen Telemetry after a career in semiconductors, systems, instruments, and wireless electronics.