Water Meters

Three Different Sensors For Different Applications

Continuous Real-Time Readings During System Adjustments.

Readings Sent Wirelessly to Wrist Reporter.

Multiple Sensors. Multiple Locations, Simultaneous Display.

  1. Simultaneous display of High Gage, Low Gage, and Differential
  2. Compact and convenient
  3. Standard Accessories:

  • Case
  • HVAC hoses
  • Brass Kit #1

Achieve More Faster, Easier

Two sensors read and display gage and differential pressures simultaneously, in different units. One glance shows everything the tech needs. Readings are even shown in PSI and ft wc at the same time, to reduce time spent hunting for needed information.

Brass Kit & Case

Brass Kit & Case

Brass Kit & Case



Brass Kit & Case

Brass Kit & Case



  • Brass Kit #1
  • HVAC Hoses
  • Battery Charger & Cable
  • Exhaust Hose, and Case