Humidity Sensor

Humidity Sensor provides all Psychometric Parameters. Psychometric Sensor is a smart humidity sensor. No wet sock required. Directly measures temperature (dry bulb), humidity (%RH), and barometric pressure. Calculates wet-bulb temperature, enthalpy (h), humidity ratio (w), grains of moisture (gr), and specific volume.

  • Temperature accuracy is: +/- 1.0 over 32 to 125°F   / +/- 3.0 over 125 to 158°F 
  • Humidity accuracy is: +/- 3.0% over 10 to 90% 


For effective monitoring and evaluation of air handlers, one Humidity Sensor can be placed at each of these applications:  Entering Air, Leaving Air, Return Air, Outside Air, Room Air. All readings may be stored at the same time. There is no lag between reading of dry bulb and wet bulb, or between entering air and leaving air. This allows the best possible calculation of btu's.