Hands Free

A new type of portable instrument, one that leaves a busy field technician’s hands free to grasp tools or adjust a control knob. With the included wireless Thumbswitch, even the act of storing the current reading in memory can be performed without reaching a hand to the keypad.

No Wasted Time

 Eliminates the time wasted by typical measurement practices in which a tech holds a meter in one hand and a probe in the other hand, walking back and forth for adjustments.   

Faster • Easier • Safer

Display as many as eight readings simultaneously from eight different sensing probes.  

Wrist Reporter (WR-401) and Thumbswitch

 The Heart of the Evergreen Telemetry Measurement System

The Wrist Reporter displays a continuous stream of real-time readings at the user’s wrist, hand, clipboard, or wherever seen conveniently.  Connects up to 10 sensors simultaneously. Stores 100,000 readings.

Includes Two Datalogging Modes:

  • Mode A.  Up to 100,000 Readings stored in Wrist Reporter. Intervals of 10 min, 1 min, or continuous. No PC required on-site readings upload to an Excel spreadsheet later.
  • Mode B.  Wrist Reporter connects to a PC. User names each sensor and selects any desired interval.  Readings are stored in real time in an Excel spreadsheet. The PC determines the max number of readings.

Includes Thumbswitch:    

Even the act of storing the current reading in memory can be performed without reaching a hand to the keypad.


Ideal for Duct Traverse

  • Zero dangling hoses
  • One hand to operate (second hand free for safety hold)
  • Two concurrent results (velocity & static pressure)
  • 100,000 Readings
  • Supports existing pitot & "foil" probes

Ideal for Room Pressure

  • 10 locations simultaneously
  • 4 continuous updates wirelessly
  • Zero back-and-forth with handheld meter

Ideal for Airflow

  • One second per reading
  • Reduce weight by 2lbs (20%)
  • Adjust damper - get immediate results wirelessly

Ideal for Datalogging

  • Up to 10 sensors simultaneously
  • Intervals of 10 min, 1 min, or continuous

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