"We use the Wrist Reporter.  The Wrist Reporter makes it faster, easier, and safer to perform TAB measurements such as duct velocity traverses and volume damper adjustments."  


Byron Seed, TBE, Vice President
Arizona Air Balance Company
Tempe, AZ

 “Using the Wrist Reporter definitely saves me time and energy. I balance alone using height-adjustable, rolling flow-hood stands.  When a balancing damper was in a different room I used to have to walk back to view the meter reading, then walk to the damper to adjust it , then walk back to view the reading, etc. Now with the Wrist reporter, I can see what the meter is reading as I make adjustments without all the walking. The Wrist Reporter will also split the screen to show four live readings. I often use four flow-hoods on stands.  As I’m balancing, I can see how any adjustment affects the others, in real time, and record final readings from wherever I am without having to go back to each meter. I can say that my balancing now is faster, easier, and more fun. I’ve always said that TAB can either be like wrestling a grizzly bear or taking candy from a baby. Now with the help of the Wrist Reporter, it’s mostly like taking candy from a baby!” 


Gerald Ward
Industry, Texas

 “We have had a business relationship with Evergreen Telemetry for approximately 5 years that can only be described as DELIGHTFUL.  Mr. Secor and his team have repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to unparalleled customer service while delivering state of the art instrumentation.  No matter how busy he has been in a start-up environment, he is always accessible and has regularly communicated with us and our team in the field.  We value the business relationship that we have with Evergreen Telemetry and are thrilled with the quality and value of Evergreen’s products.” 

Don Philips

Air Balancing Company

Forth Worth, Texas

"Our company has been working with Evergreen since May 2016. I have had the pleasure of working directly with their team for a little over two years now. I have nothing but positive feedback with the customer service level they provide. Anytime our service techs need a new set of equipment, repair work or calibrations, Evergreen is quick to respond and provide very thorough information. I have also heard nothing but good things from our field guys in regards to the equipment itself. Kudos to the team at Evergreen. Thank you for making our lives easier so our guys can continue to provide service for our customers! "

Melissa Williams

Captive Aire

Nationwide, Headquarters Raleigh, NC